Feature 1
Minimize Cost
Enterprises will only need to handle running costs of the cloud subscription which varies in terms of the number of users and the amount of storage space requested. Enterprises will not need to spend extra costs on infrastructures such as building a computer room and procuring hardware machines. 101cloud
Feature 2
Support Mobile Devices
101ISO is compliant with various mobile devices and web browsers, you don’t need to change your browsing preference. 101cloud
Feature 3
Meet PDCA Spirit
Plan, Do, Check and Action is the true spirit when implementing ISO-related control requirements. 101ISO empowers this spirit in real practices through our flexible merging system. 101cloud
Feature 4
True Security
All documents and records are protected with access control, so your informantion security is guranteed. Watermarking is also available on 101ISO platform to help create authencity of files from being plagiarized. 101cloud
Feature 5
Go Paper-less
101ISO transforms many paper-based records into electronic ones (e Forms) to greatly reduce the paper usage and job repetition. All records is set to be timestamped automatically to prevent human error when filing. 101cloud
Feature 6
Easy Auditing
101ISO platform makes organizing and generating enterprises’ records and files effortlessly! 101ISO allows you to upload your existed files and store them in our 101ISO document management system. With all files obtainable online, 101ISO can save users plenty of time in searching for the correct files. 101cloud